Frequently Asked Question

Get Started

domain & hosting
Do we provide domain &
hosting services?
Yes, we do provide
these services.
What is Doocado?
Doocado is a software
company that specializes
in Local Ecommerce,
we provide online orders to
restaurants, groceries,
liquor stores and
delivery services.
How can I get started?
It’s quite easy, complete
the form in the homepage.


Doocado support Email
Doocado support Email?
online payment
Does Doocado give service
to the order online payment
method for customers?
Yes, other than cash on
delivery, users can also pay
online through bank cards.
system delievery
How quick you can deliver
my system?
We can Deliver you system
minimum 4 hours and
maximum 24 hours.
How many apps
How many apps are there
in Doocado?
There are 4 Apps in Doocado
User App, Restaurant
Admin App, Rider App,
and admin panel.
What is Doocado?
How many rider and admin
& users I can register for
my system to manage?
You can add unlimited riders,
Admin & users to
manage your restaurant.
How can I get started?
Do we have a team to manage
this system & support?
Yes, we do have a team of
developers to manage and
upgrade system &
support team to assist
you during office hours.


Does Doocado works on
Android / iOS phones?
Yes, Doocado works on both
platform Android/iOS.
App management
Can I manage my apps
and restaurant website
menu by myself?
Yes, you can manage everything by yourself
you can Add, edit and
delete menu,
you can add rider and
admin for your admin Apps.
website/mobile apps
Will I get a website and
mobile apps?
Yes, you will get a high
optimized website and
mobile apps for
your business.

payment integration
Does Doocado allow online
payment integration?
Yes, it does. With Doocado
you can accept online
payments and get your
money in 2 business days.
branches and Apps
Can I manage my
restaurant branches in
different cities?
Yes, you can manage your
restaurant branches in
different cities without
purchasing new App.
Products menu
Can I add products into
Yes, you can add new
products into menu bar.
Is the app with my brand
in Doocado?
Doocado is completely
customized to your brand
including logo,
color scheme,
dish pictures, and more!
How can I receive payment
from customer’s order?
You can receive payment
either cash on delivery
or online in your
compatible account.
How many branches
can I add in my system?
You can add unlimited
branches in your system.


Printer/ printing
Can I get order on my printer?
Yes, you can. We have an
integration with Star printer
and you can use an
android printer as well.