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Accept and deliver orders without paying any commissions
from your branded website and mobile app.
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Build a Strong Brand

Establish your online presence with already-made tools created just for you.
Apps, Websites, Email Marketing? We have it all covered.
All you need to do is jump right in and hit the ground running.


Monitor your restaurant performance and track your data with our amazing tools. Stand out from the crowd and eat up all your competitors with personalized branded system.

Virtual Resturant

Start your own restaurant right now. Yes, right now with your pajamas on! Track your customer data, create discounts and run promotions all on one platform.

Liquor Stores

Online liquor is already a billion
dollar business with low competency,
take a slice of
the pie with a branded
commission free system.

Why us?

An all-in-one system just for you:


No plugins. No Complicated codes or clockwork. Get a lightning fast website for faster and smoother ordering experience.

Admin Panel

Easily control your offers, products, pricing and customer data from our simple Admin dashboard.

User Android/ IOS

Stay at the fingertips of your customers at all times with your own apps. This comes with no extra monthly cost!

Everything Done For You

It’s all done and ready for you to start scaling your business to higher levels.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

We leave no man behind. Every member of your teams gets an account.


All our customers get access to real-time support from our competent technical staff.


Pick up

Your customer can skip the line, make their order and pick it up in their own time.


You can deliver to your customers through our partners or use your own method. It’s all good because with us you pay no extra commissions.

Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your customers with our Email Marketing tools. Keep them updated with offers, promotions and order receipts.

SMS Marketing

Our integration with Twilio
allow you to send unlimited
SMS notifications
at low prices.

Push Notifications

Send unlimited push
to your customers for free, stay in touch with them at any time.

Reward program

Create loyalty with
your customers with an optional reward program that allow
them to earn points each time they place an order.

Coupon codes

Generate coupons codes
and increase your
sales on your slow days.


Learn how to use our dashboard with our easy to floor training system.

Printer integration

Easy print-out
every order with our
Star printer integration.

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How it Works

With Doocado, we give you everything you need to start.
You don’t need Play Store, App Store accounts or hosting platforms.
We have done it all for you.

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Verify your System
Verify that all the info is 100% accurate.

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Follow our step by step guide and watch
your sales go through to the roof.

Pricing Plans

Get Started
Free Set Up
No Commissions to the restaurant
Fee to your customers
per order $1.5
100% Data
Delivery from our
partnerships (Optional)
Access to Food Directly,
Google, Yelp, etc.
Get Started
Free Set Up
No Commissions to the restaurant
Fee to your customers per order $0
100% Data
Delivery from our
partnerships (Optional)
Access to Food Directly,
Google, Yelp, etc.
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